In Another Realm

A millennial’s IT mashed with The Magicians, IAR is a dark literary fantasy about redemption.

Award: Semi-finalist manuscript in the 2022 James Jones First Novel Fellowship Competition

In Another Realm by Stephanie Nolan

Status: Querying

Genre: Dark fantasy, contemporary, adult, queer, parallel universes, portal, series

If you could live in your dream world, would you?

What if you had to kill the person you loved?

As a preppy teenager in 2004, John’s world was multiple choice exams, static rock songs, delinquent friends, queer thoughts and nerdy hopes. Then his high-school crush, Lynn, confessed that she secretly knew how to cross into parallel universes as easily as tying her shoelaces.

In order to live in the realm of his dreams, he and his friends sacrificed her. Today, John is crushed by the guilt. Was ruling a fantasy realm as an elven king worth the loss?

And why is there, fifteen years after her death, a half-elf roaming Manhattan?

Read an excerpt, if you have the key.

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Amazing commissioned art by Lady Jane!