Works in Progress

These are the projects I’ve been working on in the past several years. If a project is marked with “complete” or “querying,” please contact me to read them. If a project is not yet complete, please pester me on Twitter, as I love to know what people are interested in reading!

In Another Realm

John, an average sophomore in Upstate New York in 2004, fell in love with Lynn, a girl who knew how to cross into parallel universes as easily as tying her shoelaces. But her secret power came with a fatal catch.

  • Genre: Dark, adult, science fiction/fantasy, literary, adventure
  • Status: Querying


“Looks like the kid finally took over the chocolate factory.”

  • Genre: Dark, adult, LGBTQ+, contemporary, light SFF
  • Status: Complete

The Madonna

A freed slave and a WWII pilot battle a time-bending supercomputer that considers itself humanity’s God.

  • Genre: Adult, LGBTQ+ science fiction, time travel, adventure, historical
  • Status: Editing

The Beast Within

An Irish poet falls for an English aristocrat in 1890s London, but when their relationship fails, their occult war threatens to flip the world upside-down.

  • Genre: Adult, LGBTQ+, historical fiction, fantasy
  • Status: In progress

Half Way Home

After an irresponsible, 38-year-old gamer gets kicked out of his parents’ basement for “not growing up,” he and his friends move into a rickety old mansion. Unfortunately, there’s an annoying door in the attic that they can’t keep shut, which keeps popping open to reveal other dimensions. 

  • Genre: Screenplay, sitcom
  • Status: Complete

The Grand Floridian

A hospice nurse who also works at the “happiest place on earth” teams up with a disgruntled screenwriter for the heist of a century, but Florida’s top tourist attraction is a lot darker than it seems.

  • Genre: Screenplay, adult (rated R), dark humor, heist, romance
  • Status: In progress