The Madonna

Status: Editing

A recently freed slave named Mary Belle and a female fighter pilot named Blondie traipse through time to bring data back to the Pantheon. Since humanity can only spy on itself for a limited window before the seemingly inevitable apocalypse, a computer that considers itself God has decided to take matters into its own hands.

Genre: Adult, Scifi

The Wanderers’ Way: The Known Realm

Status: Complete

What if the boring life of a teenager in the 00s could be transformed into fantasy? But what if it all came at a terrible cost? John has a high-school crush on a girl who can cross into other universes, and he and the other “sages” face difficult choices in this mind-bending antihero’s journey leading to a sequel of fantasy novellas. Combining the magic of The Neverending Story with The Magicians, The Wanderers’ Way is full of existential angst and moral ambiguity.

Genre: Adult, Fantasy

The Beast Within

Status: In Progress

A young Irish poet trying to make his voice heard in late 1890s London gets involved with an occult group hoping to change the world, but will Will’s white magic be enough to stem the tide of the black magic of his chaotic, abusive, sex-addicted pansexual rival, who also happens to be his ex lover?

Genre: New Adult, Fantasy