The Wanderers’ Way: The Known Realm

Status: Complete

John has a typical high-school crush — on a girl who can cross into other universes. The seven teenaged “sages” face difficult choices in this mind-bending antihero’s journey. Combining the magic of The Neverending Story with A Separate Peace, The Wanderers’ Way is full of magic, mystery and moral ambiguity.

Genre: Adult, Fantasy

Excerpt (Password Protected)

The Madonna

Status: In Progress

A recently freed slave named Mary Belle and a female fighter pilot named Blondie traipse through time to bring data back to the Pantheon. Since humanity can only spy on itself for a limited window before the seemingly inevitable apocalypse, a computer that considers itself God has decided to take matters into its own hands.

Genre: Adult, Scifi

The Rose of the Vale

Status: In Progress

Bradley Hadley can talk to ghosts. Unfortunately, the thirteen-year-old lives in a town of mediums who all claim to do the same thing. While the ghosts are pretty angry about the lies being told, there seems to be something much more sinister lurking in the valley.

Genre: Middle-age, Historical (1850s)

Our Escape

Status: Incomplete

A Floridian who works at a hospice center also happens to work at the happiest place on earth. Her unhinged worldview sparks the interest of a screenwriter who’s just lost millions in a bad contract deal. As they come to understand each other, they learn what a foul thing this company is, and how a culture of forced positivity damages people, especially children. They decide to do something about it.

Genre: Adult, Dark Humor, Romance