The Madonna

Time travel. Conspiracy theories. Reality-bending love. 

Mary Belle is a freed slave from the 1820s. Blondie is a female fighter pilot from WWII. The two time travelers are questing to destroy a super-computer that considers itself God.


In this closed-loop timeline where everything is as it was supposed to be, a program named “Mother” has influenced almost all of history, so how  can we resist Her?

The couple are joined by a crew of rogue “naughts” – a Cold-War-era American spy, a petty Japanese daredevil, and a bearded man who simply goes by the name “Paul” – who are all trying to stop the seemingly inevitable apocalypse at the hands of Mother.

Will Mary Belle be able to change the fate of humankind?

With romance, destiny, and a healthy helping of existential dread, The Madonna is a sci-fi adventure for adults at roughly 100,000 words.

Art: This art was commissioned and beautifully drawn by the wonderful Céli Godfried! (and also check out her portfolio on Strikingly and follow her on Twitter)!

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